Cold-blooded Politics


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For you, it’s like a ball,

You strike and throw it to others’ field and then wait for the strike back.

It is a football game between few world powers.

‘Oh well, it’s political’, you would say.

‘We have nothing personal in it’, I hear you add!

But all those beings, losing lives,

The mothers who lost their children,

The kids who lost their teddy bears and Moms,

The blood!

The tears!

The wounds!

The cries!

Destroyed Humanity!

Don’t you look at it?????

But aaaah why would you?? Why should you??

Because you are right…It is Actually, NOT PERSONAL!

Ooooh no, not at all!

Those dead children and mothers who are rendered childless,

Those lost kids sans their teddy bears and Moms

They do not belong to you.

IT IS NOT PERSONAL…you are right. IT IS MERE POLITICS…Cold-blooded, Fucking Politics!



I saw the lifeless body of the toddler in the arms of the hospital worker

Mud and blood mixed on the face of the child and his arms loosely hanging on the side

I saw two slightly bigger children running after the hospital worker

They too were covered with mud and blood, but looked ‘ok’

I looked into their eyes through the camera that captured their video

And the eyes of these children had questions and tears both

They mechanically described how they were playing outside and a bomb fell

In a blink the house came crashing down and the rubble had hit them

The little one of the two couldn’t say more

He just said, “My mother was inside” and fell silent and a tear casually fell off his eyes

I, being the ‘sensitive’ one couldn’t take more

With one slight move of the thumb I moved down to my timeline…

Your “Heavens” and Our “Hells”

The world, the way it is suffering now, is not because of the people, it is because of the select few, the Gods of the world who have brought it to where it is. Confusion, hatred, divisions, insanity, chaos, blood, loss, suffering the talk of you and I and yours and ours.

It is not us, it is these handful few, the Gods of the earth, the leaders…

Those who create evil, as and when require

And then, set to destroy it when, no more needed….

 And hence

Ooooo the leaders of the world

You, who choose to wage wars

Monger hate

And shed blood

Here is a suggestion to you

End war!


Build walls around your “heavens”

High and tough!

secure your “heavens”, forever.

Let us burn in our “hells”

Divided we are, already!

Borders, visas, travel restrictions.

We the refugees, asylum seekers, students

Immigrants, the third worlders.

Oooo the leaders of the world

Build your walls high and don’t let us enter

Secure your “heavens”, forever.


We will deal with our “hells”, on our own!

To the mongers of violence and war…

Do not you hear the screams of the child who just heard the series of bomb-shellings of your war planes or the blasts by your suicide bombers??
Do not you see the blood, the chaos, the lifelessness, the death??
Did not you watch the footage of the child who lost his father in one of the bombs you sent??
Did not you even have a glance of the tears of the mother when her only child was killed ‘accidentally’ by a stray bullet shot by your ‘soldier’??
Do not you see the wife of the ‘soldier’ who asks why my husband had to go to the useless war??
Do not you know that your targeted attacks kill more innocents than the culprits??
Do not you know that violence always begets violence??
Do not you know that war does not, can not and will not bring peace??