Cold-blooded Politics


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For you, it’s like a ball,

You strike and throw it to others’ field and then wait for the strike back.

It is a football game between few world powers.

‘Oh well, it’s political’, you would say.

‘We have nothing personal in it’, I hear you add!

But all those beings, losing lives,

The mothers who lost their children,

The kids who lost their teddy bears and Moms,

The blood!

The tears!

The wounds!

The cries!

Destroyed Humanity!

Don’t you look at it?????

But aaaah why would you?? Why should you??

Because you are right…It is Actually, NOT PERSONAL!

Ooooh no, not at all!

Those dead children and mothers who are rendered childless,

Those lost kids sans their teddy bears and Moms

They do not belong to you.

IT IS NOT PERSONAL…you are right. IT IS MERE POLITICS…Cold-blooded, Fucking Politics!


Mujrim Kaun? (Who is the Culprit?)

This is (almost) a global norm that wherever and whenever violence occurs, against women; it is the woman who is analyzed/victimized. e.g. what was she wearing? Why was she out of her safety zone (normally, home is considered safe-which is debatable- because homes are the primary nurseries of violence in most of the cases), why she was alone or with male friends, and the list goes on…
 Tum ney
Meari rooh ko zukhm zukhm kia
Kabhi baton sey, kabhi teekhay lafzon sey
Kabhi gandi nazar key teeron sey
Kabhi raah chaltay huay…
Haath pakra, kabhi awazain kaseen
Aur kabhi tum ney…
Aik wehshi ki tarah 
mearay jism pey un-ginat ghao lagaey
Libaas taar taar kia
Khoon kia meari rooh ka, meray jism ka
phir bhi
Mujrim main hee tehri
Ghar kii ‘mehfooz’ chaar deewari sey baahar jo nikli
Iss bhairion sey bharay jungle main…
My soul and my body
With the knife of your words
With the dirt of your gaze
Harassed, raped
You killed my soul; sucked life off me
But still…
I am the one to be blamed
I left the ‘safety’ of home
Entered into the world of wolves!!)

To Damini, To Jayoti Singh Pandey!

To all women, to the struggle and battles of women, to all ‘Daminis’ (the title given to the Gang raped girl from New Delhi, which means lightening); yes, we will strike back, like a lightening with thunder, like sparks from ashes…Yes we will rise, even if we are burnt down to ashes, you can kill the body, but you can’t even touch the spirit…






No matter what,

SHE will rise from ‘ashes’!

women power

Man vs. Beast..

To refer to the extreme brutality of a man, he is called a beast. But I contest… I contest, because brutality of man doesn’t know any bounds, because it doesn’t end at murder, molestation, assaults, it goes so much beyond that the words lose meanings, senses stop feeling and blankness engulfs… I think beasts still have some morals, even though they live on blood and flesh,  but man lacks it…the very animal who talks about/ and  has created ‘morals’ lacks them…
A man (who was part of the gang rape in New Delhi) was so much enraged by slap and pinches of  the girl who was being raped by him that raping her twice wasn’t satisfying and gratifying, enough. Do you know why that girl is in such a critical state? It is because the man -out of his rage on her pinches and slap for defense – had inserted his hand into her vagina, removing her uterus and displacing her liver… do you know if she survives, she will have to live on liquid diet for the rest of her life… Do you still think a beast is brutal enough??
Do you also know that it is a taboo to write all of the above in newspapers and report it as such…
Conclusion: Doing the above is not wrong but reporting the same, is…
NOTE: I must also add that this is just one manifestation of brutality that exists in countless forms and numberless incidents all over the world  -of which South Asia seems to innovate always- never ever get to the surface
Following is the link to the news item which was only reported in the social media and was skipped by the mainstream one:

Of Patriarchal Rationality and Chauvinistic Sanity

Skyfall (the new James Bonds) movie is another hit and of course a couple of other girls got this great ‘honour’ to have associated their names with 007. The other day a very apt cartoon with the caption ‘Imagine how socially unacceptable the character of 007 would be if it were a female agent, for sleeping with a different man in every movie’ was in circulation on Facebook. So folks, that is how it is, let’s accept it and face it, once and for all; liberal, no liberal, western, eastern, leftists, rightists…we have different lenses for women and men. 
When James Bond, bonds with series of different women, it is because it is the nature of his job, he is doing it for his country, for supremacy of a noble cause; if a woman does it, she would instantly be judged to the extent of being called a ‘whore’. Having said this, I do not imply that men are not judged, they are, but the status they enjoy in the society helps them cope in those few times when they are judged. 
When this girl was gang raped in New Delhi recently, generally public asked, what was she doing in the bus at that time of the night? Why was she with a male friend? And this is not it, each time violence happens with a women, the first question comes to the mind of people, in general is; what did she do to deserve this? This very thing implies that a woman does something ‘wrong’ to deserve such fate. Why? 
She violates the code of stepping out in night…that’s her fault
She was wearing ‘revealing’ dress… she called for it
She went to pub with male friends… she wanted it 
What lenses we have, full of patriarchal rationality and chauvinistic sanity…WOW!!!
james bond