The World for You My Child


The world that I want for You my child, is

Where flowers bloom and trees stand

Where birds fly and winds blow with a loud message of freedom

Where streams of clear water sing the song of abundance

Abundance of love, of innocence, of laughter

Where sky is blue or golden or starry, never smoggy 

Where there is no rush

No rush to get to school or to remember a description of an article in your hand

No rush to get up in the morning or sleep in the evening because you have to get up again

Where rules compassion, freedom, humanity and peace

A world, my child, free of violence and pain

Free of losses and gains

And you may fly in the sky like the planes that interest you so much

Or run as you so want up and down a terrain, to the liking of your heart

Or just lie down and see the wheels of your cars, how they move

Where no one touches you with a bad touch

And where you can love and trust the humans without confines



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