I Fear..

Unstained yet

Without any traces or flickers from the pollution of the outside

Your heart is pure

So pure and so clear my child that it reflects my image to me when I look into it

I know through You what I do wrong

And what I do right

And so my child

I fear

I fear that this heart would be polluted by the impurities of the outside

And get stained

But You know I can’t stop it from growing and exploring

And however much I fear from the stains

And impurities

The fact that

Out there

There are flowers, too

And while Your heart may get stained

It would also learn to grow more and more flowers

And that my child is the price, may be, we all pay

In fighting the dirt and growing the flowers and in growing the flowers even dirt becomes our friend, when we do it in all honesty

Yet, I still fear, you know…

For You and Your pure heart.


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