A Room of Her Own

Earlier, when she was a child

She was told

“No, you cant go alone anywhere, this world is too dangerous for you”

So wherever she went she had someone to accompany

Her brother, father, sometimes mother or sister

She wasn’t sent to a university, because “come on the world out there is too dangerous for a girl to be alone”

And then when she got married to almost a stranger

For the first year, wherever she went she was accompanied by her husband

Even at home she was never alone

In kitchen with the maid

In lounge with mother in law

And in bedroom with the husband

And then she had children

One, then two and then three

Her already packed day became busier, even more

And by the time she would get free

Her throbbing head, her bursting thoughts

Her lonely feelings would want her attention

And she was too tired to pay attention

And then her children grew up

Found their own lives

Became independent of her

Her busier day was suddenly a lot empty

But her throbbing head, her bursting thoughts, her lonely feelings

They were quiet now

And she, who finally found some time of her own

Knew not how to spend it…



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