Living in black and white universe,
I knew not of gray realms
Of wilderness
Of hopelessness.
I knew not of love.
lost and wandering.
Beaten by the white, swollen by the black.
I entered into the gray.
I found the soul of my body,
saw reason in insanity,
felt that light ray on my face.
Moving inside the gray I kept on looking for tracks,
for directions
for signals and signs.

I kept finding my way

But in vain!

As it was nothing but a chasm, staring back at me…


One thought on “Mirage

  1. I remember reading your blog back in 2012-13 — it’s been awhile that I visited here, thus, reading your writings has once again pierced a vein or two !

    Somehow, this poem reminds me Hosayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj’s ‘Tawasin’ – especially ‘The Ta -Sin of the Circle’:
    “The inner circle does not have a door, and the point which is in the center is Truth.”

    In between grey realms and its’ compass, we are all part of the inner circle which mingles rather beautifully with your thought of the chasm spread before us-mortals; just like the circle has no doors ! you have hit a nail (in my head) ! Keep penning, 🙂

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