A World Full of Wannabes

What are we?

What do we want to do?

Where are we heading to?

Who are our role models?

What is it we are driven by?

We the avid users of

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites

We put up our best pics

Picassafied, Cropped

We put up borrowed words

Those grand shiny quotes, As our cover photos

Act so humane

On our timelines/tweets/blogs.

At one instance;

We rant on an incidence of violence

We cry (in words) on the miseries of ‘others’

Pose so noble

And in the very next hourly update

We happen to be enjoying dinner, jokes and chatter in a restaurant with friends

We update the timelines with a selfie

And the very place where we cried for dying humanity, a while ago

Shines with a selfie and a perfect pout

What are we?

What do we want to do?

Where are we heading to?

Where do we want to end up???

Have we all become Wannabes?

Wannabes who do not even know what they REALLY want


One thought on “A World Full of Wannabes

  1. Ah, you have said it all ! Well, most people fill their timeline with sycophants and that is where they find a sense of validation (absurdity at its’ zenith) — oh, stop me right here before I occupy too much space in this comment box.
    Appreciate such a mind like yours ! Keep penning, yes?!

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