In the Name of Honour (Dis)

You were,
My trust, my belief, my devotion.
Each day I lived, I lived for you,
On your terms
I carried your child in my womb
Not once I had done it twice.
I thought we could do it,
I thought we were ‘family’
I thought by entering my body You entered my soul.
I thought it was love…
And then One day,
when they told me You were enraged on something I didn’t even do
And That you would kill me I said, “no matter what, he can not kill me”.
I trusted you, ENOUGH!
That night You came to me With that look in your eyes
and I said to myself I was right and they were wrong You loved me, you wanted me…
I had let you in With warmth in my heart
I entrusted my body, my dignity, my trust,
To you, like always and yet again…
You had loved my hair…long and in the braid or So you said, often.
You encircled my neck with what you said, you loved.
Aaah, the object of your love became executed my life.
But O my murderer, my trust, my belief, my devotion
You did not murder me
It was My trust that bleed to death
My love breathed its last
And those two lives I had carried in my womb, once…withered, forever!
To honour the lives of those who died in the name of Honour (dis), For Fouzia—Her true story soaked in her own blood!

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