To You; My Dream…

The poem is an inspiration/translation of one of the greatest Urdu poets; Ahmed Faraz, “Khwab Martay Nahin…”
Dreams do not die
No, no
Dreams do not die
It is, the heart, the eyes, the breathe…
Which break into pieces
Heart pierces
Eyes sleep, forever
Breathing stops
But dreams, my Soul…
Dreams do not die with the body
Dreams are light
Dreams are ray of hope
Dreams are fragrance and life in the air
Dreams stand tall in the face of tyranny
Even the fire of the hell can not burn the dreams
Dreams are words
Dreams are purity of light
Socrates is the dream
Dreams are Mansur
I have loved this poem, since very very long, I didn’t know then that this will have a permanant part in my life…Here is the original:
Khwab Marte Nahin
Khwab Dil Hain Na Ankhen Na Sansen K Jo
Reza-Reza Hue To Bikhar Jayenge
Jism Ki Maut Se Ye Bhi Mar Jayenge
Khwab Marte Nahin
Khwab To Roshni Hain, Nava Hain, Hava Hain
Jo Kale Pahadon Se Rukte Nahin
Zulm K Dozakhon Se Bhi Phukte Nahin
Roshni Aur Nava Aur Hava K Alam
Maqtalon Main Pohunch Kar Bhi Jhukte Nahin
Khwab To Harf Hain
Khwab To Nur Hain
Khwab Suqraat Hain
Khwab Mansur Hain

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