Of Love; How I Understand It…

Love is, sometimes, the most over-rated and other times an under-rated expression. It is something which is understood and experienced by almost everyone, yet we struggle to explain what it is…Love is the most written about word in the world, yet when you are asked what love is, it is hard to explain, why we love is harder to tell… here is how I see it…not that I have absolutely understood it. May be the quest of my life is composed of love… may be it is not to be understood but only to be felt…
Love is submission and defiance, You are sufi in love and a bohemian, love sees no reason and it is the most compassionate, love is self-contradictory and oxymoronous at times, love is those wrinkles which we do not want to smooth out and at times it is a tornado or a volcano inside, ready to erupt…
Love is selfish and the most selfless…
love is silver and love is gold, love is white and it is black, love is life and it is death…love burns and lights us, love kills yet gives us a rebirth…love is war in peace and peace in war, love is insanity yet it is sanest of all things, love is water and love is fire, love is rain and love is sun, love is pain and happiness both, love is You and love is me…

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