Her Last Sight…

I wonder every day, as to why the ones who orchestrate the bloodshed do not see the brutality that they inflict on humanity. They scar the already bleeding , even more…what do they want? Do they want it to die with excessive blood loss? If that’s so, don’t they know that in this death…they will die too??? 
In solidarity with hazara people, particularly the mothers, the children, in solidarity with the family of Dr. Ali Haider, who was killed on monday alongwith his little son, Murtaza Haider and in solidarity with all those innocents who are killed -out of no crime of their own- every single day, in this Land of Pures…
A moment ago..
The child on the shop wanted ice cream
“It is cold, you will catch fever.”
The mother dragged him away
Not listening to his wails
She kept on walking
“I want the ice cream, mom”
He, jerked free his hand and ran back to the refrigerator
The earth shook…
Storm of dust and smoke was all over
Shrieks, cries … blood
Blood was going down on her face
She called for her son
Summed up courage and raised her head from ground
Son, my son, where are you??
In the pool of blood
There he lay
Eyes shut
He moved a bit, opened his eyes…turned his head to refrigerator
Fell down again
And that was
Her last sight…
Kuch he lamhay pehlay…
Market main wo machalta bacha
Apni maan sey ice cream ki famaish ker raha tha
Uss ki maan ney
Sardi key durr sey
Bachay kii zid ko nazar andaaz ker dia
Aur jub dhamakay sey aik lamha pehlay
Bacha, maan sey haath chura ker ice cream ki fridge ki taraf bhaga
Tou aglay he lamhay jaisay aik zalzalay sey
Zameen larz gaee
Aaah-o-baqa thee
Aur khoon main lat pat lashain
Maan ki ankh ney jo akhri manzar deakha
Wo apnay bachay ka zameen sey uthta hua sir tha
Jo aik baar refrigerator ko deakhnay key liay utha
Aur phir gir gaya
Hamesha key liay…
Photo credits: www.asiafinest.com
hazara children

4 thoughts on “Her Last Sight…

  1. Thank you for writing this… it is touching.
    Tragic state of affairs in Balochistan. God knows what these politicians want. aisa lagta hai kay bakray hain insaan nahi hain jo rehtay hain wahan….

  2. Wah, Rukhsana! Zaroor daad qubool kijiyay for the heartfelt poem in Urdu. You have penned with raw blood and I am in solidarity with your thoughts – not because I am a Shi’a, because I am human and the humanness in your words resonate my own beliefs in humanity.

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