I Stand Alone and So Do You!

If there is insanity, madness and cruelty around us so does exist the sanity, reason and love; but even then, why most of the time we see sanity whirled away by insanity; reason flushed down the gutter by madness and love gets torn away by cruelty and insensitivity.
I think, it is because we have shed our foremost and most important identity i.e. identity of a human being. Instead, we have taken up so many other identities, which have overshadowed the humanness of being human.
We are Muslims, we are Christians, we are Hindus, Jews
We are men, we are women
We are straight and we are gays/lesbians
We are shias, we are sunnis
We are Sindhis, we are Punjabis
We like ‘them’; we don’t like ‘them’
We are fat, we are slim
And this list actually seems endless
But do we think, AT ALL that we are humans, first??
We have so many divides around and so many different lines which make us forget that above all, we are all human beings. And since we have forgotten this one identity, we are going to bearing the burnt.
We are killing each other, before standing up for the right thing, we see for whom we are standing up; before raising our voices the ‘identity’ of the other person (losing the sense that for the right cause and that is the cause of humanity, being human is enough) and in doing that we are actually destroying our ownselves. With all these divides, and considerations we are paving a way where we will ultimately stand alone…
In the following poem this anonymous women said, just the right thing (and although the poem is written in the context of women’s struggle, it equally qualifies when we talk about being human and humane):
First they came for Janice Raymond
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an academic.
Then they came for Mary Daly
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a lesbian.
Then they came for  Norah Vincent
and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t even read her book.
Then they came for Lierre Keith
and I didn’t speak out because I was afraid that I’d get attacked too.
Then they came for Sheila Jeffreys
and I didn’t speak out because her honest analysis makes my queer friends uncomfortable.
Then they came for Germaine Greer
and I didn’t speak out because she seems a little full of herself.
Then they came for Diane DiMassa
and I didn’t speak out because Hothead Paisan is soooo 1990s.
Then they came for Julie Bindel
and I didn’t speak out because she seems unpleasant.
Then they came for Cathy Brennan
and I didn’t speak out because I hate that woman.
Then they came for Christine Benvenuto
and I didn’t speak out because she was married to a man.
Then they came for Issa Rae
and I didn’t speak out because I have never seen Awkward Black Girl.
Then they came for Julie Burchill
and I didn’t speak out because I don’t like that she said “shims” in a political essay.
Then they came for Gallus Mag
and I didn’t speak out because I forgot how to speak.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.
– An Anonymous Woman
Courtesy: http://davinasquirrel.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/guest-post-you-are-next/

4 thoughts on “I Stand Alone and So Do You!

  1. You said it gal ! Couldn’t agree with you more. Human values have been replaced by mechanical values — people are highly consumed with self identity without any identity needed — we are humans and not a label in a hanger of life. Ah, I can write on about this, but, shall spare my crib for another time!
    Indeed, a reflective piece that is rather meaningful. Thanks for penning and posting, dear Rukhsana! Cheers.

    • Make that the two of us ! I share your angst and reflections…Bilkul sahi likha. xxxx

  2. Your portrayal of women in ‘Stand Alone,’ is so true and at the same time so embarrassing..We are like that,are we? Can we own up this image,this is what we are like and we will stand alone if we don’t change.Thank you so much for this.

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