I support you NOT, Mr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

English: Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-...

English: Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot support you Mr. Qadri..
Mr. Qaadri I am a common citizen and a woman living in the Land of Pure and I do count myself into a thinking human being, who analyze things around her and makes her own choice. And let me tell you that I make my choice to not to support you!
First of all, tell me Mr. Qadri, why is your March has dominant majority from Punjab and not from any other provinces of this country? Do you think they are lesser human beings Mr. Qadri?
How can you accept shaking hands with MQM, knowing the havoc it has been playing with people of Sindh for decades now? How can you do it and still plead that you are the savior Mr. Qadri?
Why only now, Mr. Qadri, that you chose to step in, Why didn’t you come in when millions of people were displaced due to floods and got no relief, why only now, why only just before elections, Mr. Qadri???
You have denounced ‘khud kush hamlay’, but not even once have you really denounced the lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the likes, and not even for once you have talked about the nurseries of Taliban? Why this Mr. Qadri? Don’t you know what the root cause is? How can an esteemed scholar like you can overlook it, Mr. Qadri?
Mr. Qadri, being a conscientious and thinking humanbeing I believe with whole of my soul that the constitution is supreme document (with its own flaws, yes), but when you and your supporters make a mockery of this document, I cant trust you with my country, Mr. Qadri.
When I talk about my country and people residing in it, it includes minorities and it includes Ahmedi. Never, in your talk of evils engulfing the sanity out of this country, you have mentioned the atrocities they go through and you have never really condemned the way they are being treated, why this selective preaching of good Mr. Qadri?
I want to ask Mr. Qadri, what you have for women in your kitty?? Do you know out of 100 atleast 80 women are facing domestic violence in this country, rapes are a rage in these times (just recently a nine years old girl is raped), women/girls education is banned and in various parts of this country they don’t allow them out of their houses, Mr. Qadri, why you don’t talk about them??
Do you know Mr. Qadri that establishment runs this country (generals, agency heads, top bureaucrats and ofcourse top politicians), why don’t you talk about them, why you target the soft target, the politicians, only?
I am not going back in history of you and what you have been doing Mr. Qadri and even if I forget your ‘glorious’ history, and I come to believe that you have turned to sainthood, you are not the one I will support, until you address my above questions.
Actually I guess you must go back to your country Mr. Qadri, you belong there! You made a choice then, and I make my choice now:

7 thoughts on “I support you NOT, Mr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

  1. No body is perfect. Dr.qadri must have made mistakes in his life. He has learnt a lot from them. Right now he is doing the right thing in as speedy a way as possible. Zardari, PPP, prince Bilawal, MQM, nawaz and shabaz shareef(for supporting zardari and calling him a brother) asfandiar wali(for supporting a corrupt regime) must go and live in shame and infamy. imran should come out and support the right cause of Dr. qadri.

    • Every single dull head can understand the purpose of qadri’s entry and election timing. . . . We want change, yes it is absolutely true…… but we dont want tahir-ul-qadri…

      Neutral people out there in front of parliament are less for the support of qadri but for the hatred towards PPP and PMLN.. . .

      I am not supporting any fraud here whether its Zardari, Nawaz, Imran or Qadri. . . .

      Get Out of our Country Mr. Qadri please forgive us.

  2. First of all Mr. Masood, in opposing Mr. Qadri, I am not supporting Sharifs or Zardaris. And I regret to say that our people are so good at forgetting and forgiving, how easily you have said that he has learnt from his mistakes. How has he learnt from his mistakes? If he really has why did he accept alliance with MQM? And Lastly, change of face is not change of game! Sigh, I wish we could understand that!

  3. Rukhsana, in solidarity with your views. Qadri reminds me of Stuart Little and his danda bardaari’s even more comical.
    True that, I do not support ANY of the politicians in Pakistan – all of them are simply dead-ends – none at this time are efficient.

    @Masood, your point lacks clarification – as “he has learnt a lot” (from his mistakes), where is the evidence to support your view – I request for a better polemics here, thus, we can also be privy to what you know about Qadri — knowledge should be shared, no? *smiles*.

    Keep it up, Rukhsana sahiba!

    • Finally, last night he ended his five days show, befooling thousands of people which included women and children, who suffered in cold and heavy rain, while Mr. Qadri enjoyed in his bulletproof truck fully loaded with all modern facilities.
      All of them pull off their own ‘tamashas’ while awaam is merely a spectator!

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