Hypocritical ‘Pures’ from the land of ‘Pure’

stop-hypocrisyProgressive discourse, voices of sanity are at the down fall and conditions and position of women (especially) and minorities and poors (in general) have worsened in the land of ‘Pure’. But for me, the worst part is that shrinking space for the progressive discourse and hard core fanaticism (fundamentalist Islam and islamists) have affected the lives of women and minorities. Many would give a counter argument that so are the conditions and position of all who are marginalized and living at the peripheries of the society. I agree to that but I want to draw attention to the great anomaly/hypocritical attitude/apathy/indifference to things that happen to women and for that matter happen with a progressive mindset (generally termed as liberal/secular ideology) and minorities. This hypocrisy leads me to believe that our society believes in selective justice and not all human beings are ‘humans’ in the eyes of the ‘Pures’ from the land of ‘Pure’.
We have seen so much hue and cry on cold blooded murder of Shahzeb, we also saw media giving coverage to the incidence and so many protests were arranged to demand justice, and then finally Chief Justice of ‘Pures’ took suo moto notice; we also have been hearing the shooting of two brothers from Lyari (again cold blooded shooting which had cost life of one brother and ended up seriously injuring the other one), but have we heard anyone talking about 9 years old girl who has been gang raped in the village Alipur in Bahawalpur? Have we seen a media trial of the brutal forces (Taliban) for the killings of polio workers and the killings of 6 women and one man from NGO in Swabi. No, we haven’t heard anything from the media of ‘Pures’, we haven’t heard any hue and cry by ‘Pures’ of this land of ‘Pure’. All we saw were a few protests by the people working for the NGOs and only one newspaper Tribune has covered (e.g. the case of gang raped; 9 years old little girl).
The lives, properties and businesses of qadiani community has been under threat and this year saw many qadianis killed, the sanctity of their graveyard and dead bodies were violated and their worship places were destroyed. ‘Pure’s’ Media remained silent, majority of the ‘Pures’ were of the opinion that this is just the right thing to happen to infidels.  For them these incidences and plenty of incidences like these are not a matter of concern, and state of ‘Pure’ indeed, cannot care less about the second rate citizens, the lesser beings/ the not ‘Pures’.
Having said this all, I don’t mean to say that all those atrocious incidences – covered by media of ‘Pures’ , taken up by the Justice of ‘Pures’ and empathized by the ‘Pures’ themselves – do not have any human value, I just want to ask from them as to why selective coverage, selective justice and selective empathy/sympathy, WHY??
Because, let’s just face this harsh truth dear ‘Pures’
For you:
Some categories of human beings are actually lesser beings, who do not deserve to have the same rights as you, the ‘Pures’…

3 thoughts on “Hypocritical ‘Pures’ from the land of ‘Pure’

  1. Perfect bulls eye – hit ! Very well articulated and powerful offerings in your post!
    lage raho Rukhsana begum!
    (well, while I am being bashed on my recent post! ha!). Lol.

  2. By the way, did you read up on the misogynist “Guru Asaram Bapu”, well, he blames the Delhi gang-rape victim (Jyoti aka Amaanat) as he claims she should have “pled with the rapists as her brothers”, to stop them from raping her! Yup….the world which we live in! Absolutely this man needs his thang castrated, methinks! xx

  3. Yes, I read the ‘spiritual’ offering by the ‘saint’. I wonder why such people exist at all. I can imagine, you being bashed on ‘of God and the Devil’ 😉

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