Mujrim Kaun? (Who is the Culprit?)

This is (almost) a global norm that wherever and whenever violence occurs, against women; it is the woman who is analyzed/victimized. e.g. what was she wearing? Why was she out of her safety zone (normally, home is considered safe-which is debatable- because homes are the primary nurseries of violence in most of the cases), why she was alone or with male friends, and the list goes on…
 Tum ney
Meari rooh ko zukhm zukhm kia
Kabhi baton sey, kabhi teekhay lafzon sey
Kabhi gandi nazar key teeron sey
Kabhi raah chaltay huay…
Haath pakra, kabhi awazain kaseen
Aur kabhi tum ney…
Aik wehshi ki tarah 
mearay jism pey un-ginat ghao lagaey
Libaas taar taar kia
Khoon kia meari rooh ka, meray jism ka
phir bhi
Mujrim main hee tehri
Ghar kii ‘mehfooz’ chaar deewari sey baahar jo nikli
Iss bhairion sey bharay jungle main…
My soul and my body
With the knife of your words
With the dirt of your gaze
Harassed, raped
You killed my soul; sucked life off me
But still…
I am the one to be blamed
I left the ‘safety’ of home
Entered into the world of wolves!!)

3 thoughts on “Mujrim Kaun? (Who is the Culprit?)

  1. I painfully love the poem, Rukhsana. True that, who is the mujrim?!
    A short passage from Miraji’s poem I quote:

    “The grave is open
    like a gaping mouth of a greedy man
    but no!
    Not even a stale morsel can enter it,
    the open mouth remaining open,
    empty space.

    Go and put them to a deep
    eternal sleep in the grave.
    When these corpses are buried
    maybe you’ll wake from the dead.” (circa 1928)

    You say: “world of the wolves”, a sanguine echo from me too! xx

  2. Your writings always left a powerful impact in my mind..this is again a painful truth, women all over the world are abused in one way or the other..yet they r answerable most of the time..

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