Man vs. Beast..

To refer to the extreme brutality of a man, he is called a beast. But I contest… I contest, because brutality of man doesn’t know any bounds, because it doesn’t end at murder, molestation, assaults, it goes so much beyond that the words lose meanings, senses stop feeling and blankness engulfs… I think beasts still have some morals, even though they live on blood and flesh,  but man lacks it…the very animal who talks about/ and  has created ‘morals’ lacks them…
A man (who was part of the gang rape in New Delhi) was so much enraged by slap and pinches of  the girl who was being raped by him that raping her twice wasn’t satisfying and gratifying, enough. Do you know why that girl is in such a critical state? It is because the man -out of his rage on her pinches and slap for defense – had inserted his hand into her vagina, removing her uterus and displacing her liver… do you know if she survives, she will have to live on liquid diet for the rest of her life… Do you still think a beast is brutal enough??
Do you also know that it is a taboo to write all of the above in newspapers and report it as such…
Conclusion: Doing the above is not wrong but reporting the same, is…
NOTE: I must also add that this is just one manifestation of brutality that exists in countless forms and numberless incidents all over the world  -of which South Asia seems to innovate always- never ever get to the surface
Following is the link to the news item which was only reported in the social media and was skipped by the mainstream one:

4 thoughts on “Man vs. Beast..

  1. This time I write with tears that cannot stop flowing. The Delhi gang-rape victim has died. And, the media reports as, “she died peacefully” — I wonder what “peace” was there in an almost lifeless body of the most heinous crime. Why not castrate the six beasts in public, then rip their vitals organs, then hang them!
    I was with two of my male friends having coffee at a lounge when the news of her death was read on my blackberry – the two friends I have known for almost 5 years said this: “you know, Shaheen, women can avoid dressing provocatively and taking public transportation at night, this way the won’t be asking for sexual assault”. Five years friendship ended in one moment of a statement that revealed what types of beasts exist — I informed them not to contact me as their strong statement terminated a space in my heart I once held. The vapidity in them on the matter has proven that we (women) must not be eaten away by such beasts!
    I applaud your post – for writing truthfully and not remaining silent and as a spectator. That girl who died we did not personally know her, but, she was part of you and me and all the women who could have been a victim.
    I am so tearful at her loss of life — a girl who once had dreams dancing under her eyelids, alas….RIP, dear soul.

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