Of Patriarchal Rationality and Chauvinistic Sanity

Skyfall (the new James Bonds) movie is another hit and of course a couple of other girls got this great ‘honour’ to have associated their names with 007. The other day a very apt cartoon with the caption ‘Imagine how socially unacceptable the character of 007 would be if it were a female agent, for sleeping with a different man in every movie’ was in circulation on Facebook. So folks, that is how it is, let’s accept it and face it, once and for all; liberal, no liberal, western, eastern, leftists, rightists…we have different lenses for women and men. 
When James Bond, bonds with series of different women, it is because it is the nature of his job, he is doing it for his country, for supremacy of a noble cause; if a woman does it, she would instantly be judged to the extent of being called a ‘whore’. Having said this, I do not imply that men are not judged, they are, but the status they enjoy in the society helps them cope in those few times when they are judged. 
When this girl was gang raped in New Delhi recently, generally public asked, what was she doing in the bus at that time of the night? Why was she with a male friend? And this is not it, each time violence happens with a women, the first question comes to the mind of people, in general is; what did she do to deserve this? This very thing implies that a woman does something ‘wrong’ to deserve such fate. Why? 
She violates the code of stepping out in night…that’s her fault
She was wearing ‘revealing’ dress… she called for it
She went to pub with male friends… she wanted it 
What lenses we have, full of patriarchal rationality and chauvinistic sanity…WOW!!!
james bond

5 thoughts on “Of Patriarchal Rationality and Chauvinistic Sanity

  1. Rukhsana, as I type this comment – I cannot help but wipe a tear, as the recent victim of gang-rape in India is now dead. According to news, it is stated that she was given an ultimatum (by police officers and parties involved) to either take a financial settlement from one of the attackers and/or to marry her rapist!). I am feeling rather ill at the injustice women continue to face. Am sick of the objectification of women, the subjugation to remain silent, the tongue that is sliced in pieces…to speak against cruelty.
    Dear, please post this also on World Pulse and on LinkedIn. We shan’t be spectators at heinous crimes against women and girls.
    Someday, if you are interested, we can work on the subject of acid victims.
    Keep penning…I am rather exhausted in mind at this moment after hearing the gang-rape victim’s (alleged) suicide. I think it is more than suicide…

    • Shaheen, the girl from Delhi is alive and still fighting for her life, the news is about another girl from Patiala who was assaulted (they didn’t mention the nature of the assault, though) by member of high caste. The girl was being pressurized to have financial settlement or get married to the culprit. so amidst the out-roar for the Delhi girl this came up, and sadly, unfortunately, each day numberless forms of assaults/murders happen of women that we will lose the count, if we come to count…But yes, the struggle must go on, voices should be raised, louder and louder.

      • Leh! mera bhi koi haal nahi hay! So mixed up the two stories….Thanks for correcting my brain cell !
        True that, what you have stated!

  2. Actually, the headline of the news item is such, quite misleading. And so media is, the corporate entity which will sell anything and everything under the sun to make money. Pains, sufferings, tragedies and women seem to be in the top of the sellable items for them….

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