Of the Outcasts…

When I think of women and of all those changes I want so badly in the lives of women; and changes we all are working for, I think of all those efforts which have gone into bringing this change. I can see that so much has already been done… then why? Why are women still being raped, harassed, punished for undone crimes, and killed as infants or even when in wombs? The answer I find to all these questions is that we have said so much and we have done so less.

Actually, what we have done is so less because we haven’t done it at the right place, we haven’t looked in, we have only been looking outwards. It has always been about them, it has never been about us. We don’t consider starting from self; we always consider changing them than changing ourselves.

This brings me to ask why all empowered women (those who chose to exercise their right to choose) are somehow different from rest of the society; why half of them are divorced or single mothers or single by choice or living alone. Because they chose to differ from the oppression of society; because they chose to fight the oppression of societal institutions like family, like marriage!

For most of the conformists these women are living pathetic, miserable lives; they have brought it all to themselves, while these ‘sacred’ conformists fail to understand that in exercising their choice, their free will, these women have actually challenged the oppression; they have challenged the injustice; they have challenged the glorified sanctity of institutions like family and marriage,- not because they are afraid of so called normal ways of living but because they couldn’t stand the tyranny of inequality, oppression and injustice, and they had the will and courage to stand against it-  and in doing so, they have become outcasts in the mainstream society, but they have stood by a principle: principle of humanity and equality. They have started from self instead of putting the blame to the outer world. They have paid the price for exercising their right to choose and looked ‘in’ for strength than ‘out’ for feeble crutches, they have lit their own candle, and that’s what we all need to do to bring the change, we so much want…


One thought on “Of the Outcasts…

  1. What a brilliant post, dear Rukhsana! You have powerfully articulated the myriad of societal issues that plague our environment. Please do post this one on World Pulse — people can thoroughly benefit by your supply of ink and thought ! Keep penning, it is making a contribution like yours that inspires many paths, mine included !

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