Who will judge the judges?

I remember, when in 2007 Iftikhar Chaudhary and other judges were sacked for not conforming to the then president, I remember, how enraged I was and how actively I and my colleagues started participating in all the protests that used to take place in Islamabad. Almost each day we used to go to a protest or two and there were a couple of protests which went violent. We were charged and we wanted the rule of law to be upheld, we wanted that all pillars of state work in coherence and a military dictator shouldn’t be allowed; one, to rule the country, two, to make decisions to prolong his rule by sacking the non-conformist judges. Ours was a fight for a cause, not for a personality. The fight for cause continued until the political parties joined hands and started supporting ‘the personality’ rather than the cause. Personally, I thought, which later proved right as well, those political parties (as well as anti Musharraf, establishment forces) took advantage of the momentum, initially, built by civil society and politicized it to suit to their own vested interests.
Results of the politicization of the whole movement for independence of judiciary and supporting personalities rather than the cause are clearly revealed by the state of events in the last few years. The over glorified saintly image of the Chief Justice shatters almost every day for me:
It shatters when the Supreme Court gives the verdict in favour of the perpetrators of Mukhtar Bibi’s case (popularly known as Mukhtaran Mai).
It shatters for me when hundreds and thousands of cases of poor people remain stuck in courts and all the attention, energies and money (hard earned money of tax payers) go to the political stunts like memo case, and certain lousy suo moto notices and hearings.
It shatters for me when clearly; ‘JUSTICE’ seems partial, ‘JUSTICE’ seeks media hype, ‘JUSTICE’ focusses on popularity than ‘justice’…
And then, I certainly feel like asking, “Who will judge the judges?”

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