Ideas are bullet proof and dreams do not die

As one and half most exciting and in my opinion, useful days of Women Forum come to an end, the reality that I am leaving ActionAid dawns upon me and one line which is constantly roaming in my mind is that, “ideas are bullet proof” and ideas are larger than organizations and individuals. Organizations and individuals try and pursue ideas, they may succeed or fail, but ideas do not fail. Ideas sail through troubled waters and remain. Ideas that talk about women as humans, that bring change from within and then without, that lead to transformation of self and redistribution of power, that stand with the ones who stand alone and at very personal level I am talking about the idea which has transformed me gradually in last five years, into feminist that I am now and a very proud to be one.
Therefore, while, I leave the place which has propagated, inculcated and ingrained the ‘idea’ in me, I am not leaving the idea itself. It has made its very rightful place in my head and in my heart for the rest of my life. And I think that’s the transformation we talk about, the transformation that turns a lay person into a rights, or more so, a women’s rights activist, who dreams and struggles for a just, equal and prosperous world for womankind (specifically) and marginalized humankind (in general).
I have seen a journey of AAI from spread to focus and then I have been fortunate enough to be part of the initiation of the same process in Pakistan CP, In fact, I have been part of the current strategy (2008-2012) making and I am leaving at a time when next strategy is soon to be coming in the CP, so that leaves me with various insights and anticipations as to where our work would be heading to, alongwith the renewed and revived focus on women’s rights within and without. That also leaves me with various thoughts and internal reflections as to what change I would still be wanting, working for and demanding in the lives of women of Pakistan and of the world, as I see a lot of emerging feminist debates and ideas becoming part and parcel of our campaigns and programme processes. I feel excited and I look forward to see the ideas being realized into action and action being realized into results, and my heart and my support remains with the organization and I stand firm with the idea.
So, it is not a goodbye, it is just a new phase, where ideas and dreams remain the same, where struggle is ages old but goes on with even more vigour. I say that because I will be taking my ActionAid ideas and dreams with me and try them on the ‘foreign’ borders. 
And lets remember…
Dreams do not die
They don’t fall apart
They don’t break into pieces
The body dies but dreams live
Dreams are light, they are wind of change..
They stand tall in the mightiest of storm
Dreams don’t die; yes they don’t die even when we die 

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