of writing

Back then, when I started writing/blogging, following is the piece I wrote, although, much has changed, yet, I like what I wrote in this piece of writing, so as my first blog on WordPress, I thought to share it:

I wonder whether changing things, changing surroundings or change in general, helps?

Does it help in breaking ice within?
Does it help in breaking silence?
Does it help creating ripples in standing, stagnated water?

Most people would say yes it does help..but I think it may help you but the holes which time creates within a person, the moments that are freezed…they just dont change, certain things of life certain happenings they just create a permanant space for themselves within the system of a person and no matter what we do, those things, …they just dont fade, dont go…they build a concrete house within…

I love to write my thoughts, i pen them in an effective manner or not thats another story…But, I do reflect within myself alot and try to write it down as well. I started writing diary quite a few years back and I used to write day’s events and I kept doing that for quite some time. Gradually the frequency of writing lessened to a greater extent. The frequency came down to one page, half page, 3 lines and that also in months, weeks or days…

I stopped writing not because I didn’t want to do that anymore, but may be because I stopped critically reflecting on life, on what I was doing and where things/life was taking me. And I think this leads to nothing but lifelessness…the times when this lifelessnesss would become unmanageable i would write a few words here, a few there…broken words, broken lines, broken paragraphs…i wrote the same things in so many variety of words, lines and ways..i got tired, very tired for doing that, the very sight of diary would turn me off, all thoughts, all words would just go away from my mind…it would go blank just like a dark dark dark night….

Writing would made me feel emptier, bitter, bad…the little catharsis, I used to find in writing went away from me because of my despise/ a very acutely growing despise from the very sight of diary…from the very thought of writing it…

But the urge of writing didnt go away….its not that i wanted to write for an inner catharsis but to register my experiences, to write about music, about movies, about books, about places I go but I just didnt feel like writing a diary at all

writing a blog!

yes a blog. Isnt that a good idea?


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