We, the rapists of humanity…

Keep your mouth shut if you are a woman and wronged by the society or by its supreme structures, or by its over glorified norms of respecting a woman and celebrated customs of modesty.
Change your type of dressing, if you are harassed, in fact it would be great if you don’t come out of your home, at all..
You are raped; oh you must have called for it
And since you were raped, out of shame, be silent, don’t say a word; by speaking up you will bring shame to yourself and your family…
If you speak, you do so because you seek attention from NGOs and donors for money
You speak because you have no shame
O woman do remember, FOR US:
Silence on a crime, is virtue
Shame is not for those who commit a crime, but the ones against whom crime is committed are made to feel ashamed…
Shhhh, don’t say anything…
We so need to save the hypocrisy…
Please don’t speak!
So called religion is supreme…
Shut up because:
The honour of your family is associated to you, and also do remember, you don’t have any honour of your own…how can you have honour of your own. Oh, you are a woman. Your family derive the honour from your ‘modesty’, from the ‘sanctity’ of your body, from the ‘piousness’ of your ‘character’, you stumble that means the honour of your family stumbles…nothing happens to you, you know, it is the honour of the family which is ruined…
Mukhtar Bibi, who is known as Mukhtaran Mai, was gang raped almost a decade back, as an aftermath of a jirga’s decision (parallel, traditional system for justice). The decision was a so called tit for tat for Mukhtar’s family and was taken to dishonour her family who has assumingly dishnoured another family. In the minds of all men, who were part of the Jirga, only way to dishonour the family was to rape, rather gang rape the daughter of the family, out of no fault of her own. The whole community listened to the decision; the woman was dragged out of her house in front of the whole community and gang raped in a room nearby where the Jirga was held. No body interfered, no one moved even a single bone against this heinous crime, they heard, they saw yet, they remained deaf and blind, they had let the crime happen… it wasn’t their woman, it wasn’t their honour, therefore, it wasn’t their headache, either…
The woman, who was raped stood up for herself and went to police station to file a report, the power structure refused to file the report, but had to, finally, as the news somehow got to the media, the pressure mounted so the report was filed. That was a decade ago; there started not only the trial; societal, judicial and media trial, but a long wait for justice…
The wait ended in 2011, after a decade, when the supreme corridor of justice, denied the justice. The rape decision which was given in front of dozens of people, and while the crime happened, the so called system for justice gave its decision on the basis of non-availability of sufficient evidence… a crime for which the statement of survivor is evidence enough, the perpetrators who not only killed the spirit, the soul, the perpetrators who violated not only the body but molested the soul were set free without any charges, without any punishment..
There is another parallel story to it as well, which isn’t merely, a decade long, but it is a story of exploitation, molestation and murder which is continued for centuries…
The then president said, “Women in our country get raped to seek foreign attention and asylum in those countries…”

The media channels said, “Oh, she, by reporting the case, actually promoted her own self to visit the whole world, to establish her own NGO and to become rich.”
The majority society part, “Agreed with the above.”
The story doesn’t end at Mukhtar Bibi, every woman who faces violence faces the above in one form or the other, she is judged, she has to pay the price for speaking up, she becomes an outcast, she becomes a symbol of shame…
All the above statements makes me loath the president, the hoax media of this country and this society, this disgusts me…
I want to ask…
If Mukhtar gets ‘foreign funding for her organization’ does it nullify the actual crime?
If Mukhtar has seen the world by the very virtue that she stood up for herself, does she deserve to be denied the justice?
Is this society justified in its manner of judging a woman???
Are we not shameless, heartless, virtueless society with no honour of our own…????
Are we not all rapists, because we rape humanity, every other day???


2 thoughts on “We, the rapists of humanity…

  1. Poignant piece – one that is significant and sheds many layers of “humanity”. See if you can also insert this post on World Pulse – the readers there shall definitely inspire from your contribution.
    keep penning — your ink brand is appealing.

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