I just wish them to have power over themselves


Finding You (2)



The biggest


On my way

To You!

Finding You (1)

I thought the purpose of my life was to find You

Determined, I aimed out for the quest

Only to find, “I needed to aim in”


When ‘it’ resides within

You don’t look without


And now I find ME…

In finding me, I shall find You!

I have thousands dying words

in my throat.



I can not speak…

Of the Mads…

Drunk by the fire of their indulgence (self)

They danced to the tunes of their hearts

Charmed the spectators with their wild moves

While the world watched with awe

and envy…

An Unwritten Slate

Each dawn brings me thousand golden thoughts,

ripe and warm, like an early morning sun.

Then, begins the day, with its routine chores,


 amongst these chores, the thoughts are killed,

one by one.

By dusk,

my mind is erased off all the thoughts,

like an unwritten slate…


In this dark abyss of life

You are my light…

Mai’n kis key haath pey apna lahoo talash karoon…

Uss din aisa laga jaisay dunya andhair ho gaee hey

Koi rung nahin bacha

Her kisi nay kala libada pehan liya tha

Facebook pey itna maatam tha

Aur phir chand din yay maatam raha

Pehlay aik profile pic change hui aur phir

New year wishes

Kuch logon nay apnay statuses pey hamara bhi zikar kia

2014 ko bura bhala bhi kaha

Issay black year qarar dia

Yay bhi dua ki keh naya saal aisa na ho

Prosperous ho, peaceful ho

Magar mujhey apna khoon kahin nahin nazar aya

Kia chund phaansion

Ginti kee protests say

Ya facebook pay apna ghussa nikalnay say

Kuch bhi change hua???

Aaj sub phir khamosh hain

Gum hain apni zindagi main

Aur mera khoon, kehan hay??


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