I just wish them to have power over themselves


Wandering Souls

Their souls were condemned or may be blessed to wander…
In an ecstatically perpetual whirl.

I Love You.

I love You,
It sounds so simple. Right?
A combination of three words.
Mere. Three. Words.
Do You see the fire
that burns me to ashes
And then rising back
I say again…
I love You!



Masked Revolution

The happenings around the world

All the sides claiming a changed world/revolution

The False War that humans are fighting against humans

O you, sitting on the  power echelons

Propagating revolution, Do you know what it is?

Is it a mere change of masks???

O you who orchestrate these stage plays to ridicule, already ridiculed masses!
O to you,
The unnamed, the invisible nucleus of power
Have you ever seen the revolution?
How it looks like?
You, who pretends to be the only saviour
Do you promise, all the people will sleep with full stomachs??
Health and education would be free??
Justice will be accessible??

Have you ever seen revolution?
Do you know how it looks like?
Or I am too naïve to ask this…

Your “Heavens” and Our “Hells”

The world, the way it is suffering now, is not because of the people, it is because of the select few, the Gods of the world who have brought it to where it is. Confusion, hatred, divisions, insanity, chaos, blood, loss, suffering the talk of you and I and yours and ours.

It is not us, it is these handful few, the Gods of the earth, the leaders…

Those who create evil, as and when require

And then, set to destroy it when, no more needed….

 And hence

Ooooo the leaders of the world

You, who choose to wage wars

Monger hate

And shed blood

Here is a suggestion to you

End war!


Build walls around your “heavens”

High and tough!

secure your “heavens”, forever.

Let us live in our “hells”

Divided we are, already!

Borders, visas, travel restrictions.

We the refugees, asylum seekers, students

Immigrants, the third worlders.

Oooo the leaders of the world

Build your walls high and don’t let us enter

Secure your “heavens”, forever.


We will deal with our “hells”, on our own!

A Universe of His Own

He perpetually lived in the world of His own
Inside His mind and heart
The events and people from the outside rarely affected Him
Everyone around was fascinated by the mysteries of His world
The world that often was manifested in His writings
They all fed their various kinds of hungers through those writings, or small yet, passionately mysterious encounters
Some with high-tend needs would shatter the walls to enter in His world
That world was elusively expanding
Those who entered would also find themselves at loss, at times
And He the free spirited stallion would keep adding uncharted territories into His

And He only lived in His own universe, uncompromisingly!

Unaffected by time and space
And the beyond…


We wrap all things genuine into artificial wraps

Layers after layers

And then identifying the genuine

Becomes impossible


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