Happy Womens’ Day

Cosmetic celebration of nothingness

While SHE continues to suffer

this wish, hence, is a slap on HER every day’s struggle

the day that starts

before dusk and doesn’t end at dawn


However, today and each day, I celebrate

HER resolve to keep going

HER struggle to gather HER pieces

even when SHE knows

that this whole, SHE makes out of HER sheer will

every single day

will be beaten yet again

into a disheveled form, towards the end …


I salute HER resilience

of making it through


horrendous-ness of physical, psychological and emotional abuse


and no, I do not endorse your cosmetic measures

I do not endorse the celebration of nothingness…


She was grand

Cut out carefully to shine like a diamond

And put everyone in awe of what she became

She knew of her powers


And it filled her bosom with pride and superiority

A sort of self-righteousness

She –the cut out diamond of her creator’s best efforts

Often thought of her as Godess

Or may be she was the Godess

As her own creator worshipped her

Submitting to the very powers she gathered from his craft

And when the creator submits to the creation

The others should follow suit


She went by that belief…


Slowing Down…

I wish to slow down for you

Inhale and exhale ever so consciously

And absorb all that you are

I wish to slow down for you

To let you live in the moment

The way you want to live it

And not direct it with my life’s course

I wish to slow down for you and that’s the only way

To make you understand that slowing down is not bad

And living, breathing and absorbing life is what matters

Until it runs through your veins and arteries

And until life takes your course rather than you struggling to ride its horses

And until you are one with your own self

And then slow or fast wouldn’t make any difference, any more…

I Fear..

Unstained yet

Without any traces or flickers from the pollution of the outside

Your heart is pure

So pure and so clear my child that it reflects my image to me when I look into it

I know through You what I do wrong

And what I do right

And so my child

I fear

I fear that this heart would be polluted by the impurities of the outside

And get stained

But You know I can’t stop it from growing and exploring

And however much I fear from the stains

And impurities

The fact that

Out there

There are flowers, too

And while Your heart may get stained

It would also learn to grow more and more flowers

And that my child is the price, may be, we all pay

In fighting the dirt and growing the flowers and in growing the flowers even dirt becomes our friend, when we do it in all honesty

Yet, I still fear, you know…

For You and Your pure heart.